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The Goal of the Diesel Truck Gallery is to Capture, Collect and Share pictures of Diesel Trucks and Diesel Truck Events. www.TheTruckAddict.com

If you have pictures of your truck, a friends truck or of a diesel event like a truck pull, drag races, dyno days, show and shines or whatever, we would be honored to have you share them with the Diesel Truck Gallery fans. Just post the picture as a message on the page here.

We will be holding contests and will be doing giveaways very often. We just ask for your participation in the page with pictures, likes, shares etc… The more this page grows the more we will be able to giveaway. If you are interested in donating giveaway prizes please message us through the page.

We are a non biased page, we want to see it all- Cummins, Duramax, Power Stroke, Cat, Detroit, performance pickup trucks along with big rigs!

By submitting your pictures to Diesel Truck Gallery you are giving permission to use those photos on the Facebook fan page, on the Diesel Truck Gallery website and in other promotional uses through Diesel Truck Gallery and our partners.

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